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Eric Lothrop is a Boston based photographer who grew up in Easton, Massachusetts. Migrating west to Los Angeles in 1990, Southern California was a far cry from Main Street U.S.A. The Nuclear Neon Silicon City. The Sunset Strip. Rock Stars. It was there that he dove head first into the life of a nightclub DJ. Eric’s many years of experience under the bright lights of Hollywood needed to be represented, and the same passion he expressed with music is shared through his photography. The L.A. music and subculture is what truly inspired his shooting.


A photographic journey of two cities began in 2012, from the east coast to the west coast, with a few stops in between to connect the dots. The skylines and landscapes depicted are in a headspace like the one where you think you're moving but you're's what's outside of you that's moving. Eric captures the darkness of Saturday night and wakes early (or stays awake) to capture the light of Sunday morning. The same objects or places can look and feel so diverse in the twilight of night or the dawning of morning than they do at other times, and these are the moments he seems to seize with style and grace.


The images of urban decay are worn in like a good pair of jeans hanging on to its last thread that a new pair couldn't touch. They hold voices, stories, nightmares, and years within their walls. They hold love, death, family, snowstorms, and generations.


The lines on your face are a roadmap to your soul and Eric knows how to read that map. His models are like carefully placed puzzle pieces that change the atmosphere of where Eric shoots them. They can turn a song from the plain satisfaction of acoustic to the bombast of electric. Life is measured in part by situations we find ourselves in and the choices we make when in them. Sometimes not making a choice is still making a choice, and Eric strategically selects models that would bring out his vision of the location and the most out of his subject to create the portraits he hopes to present.


Picture moving pictures. That's Eric's mission. The picture already exists. It just needs to be captured. While his pictures have been featured everywhere from the Getty Museum in Los Angeles and in Los Angeles Magazine, as well as in spots on ABC News, nothing makes Eric happier than when a little glimpse of life he captured ends up finding a nice New England wall to call home.

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