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Unbelievable!!! That was pretty much my reaction when March 2020 hit. 

As a self-employed photographer and DJ, I wasn’t quite sure how I would get through the next few months. Like everyone else, I had no idea that this would actually last as long as it has... 


I’m not going to lie, I started worrying about paying my bills and rent right away. I had no idea how I was going to be able to get through this mess. That’s when my friend called me out of the blue and told me this thing photographers were doing around the country. My wheels started turning.


My next call was to my friend Laura who is the executive director of The Charity Guild Food Pantry in Brockton. I’ve always been into giving back to the community and I wanted this project to do just that. 


She suggested that I make it more of a PAY IT FORWARD project and that’s when I hit the ground running. No joke, I had no idea that for the next 8 months I would be running all over Easton, Brockton & beyond to start photographing family after family. Shout out to Mark Luke who single-handedly jump started this project gifting photoshoots to 7 families right off the bat. 


As difficult as these months have been, this project has without a doubt was the high point of 2020 for me. Connecting with local families and businesses and hearing about your stories and struggles through all of this has reminded me how important it is to remain connected to those we love. 


I’m grateful that I've had the ability to help keep friends and loved ones connected and I'm grateful for your support and desire to give back to a local cause that is feeding thousands of people a year. 


THANK YOU to everyone who has been a part of this... all 750+ families and friends. This project will go down in history for me and I couldn’t have done it alone. 

Together in 2020, we raised funding for 15,000+ meals for families in need. I am forever grateful. 

Because of the overwhelming success of this project, I will be kicking it off again in spring of 2021.  Stay safe and healthy.

Eric Lothrop.

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