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After living in Los Angeles for 25 years, I relocated back to Boston in 2016 and couldn’t be happier. I have played at gigs for Mark Wahlberg, James Brown, Foo Fighters, Gwen Stefani, Slash, Sharon Stone, Rick Springfield, House Of Pain, Robert Downey Jr. and many other celebrity events over the years. I am a full time DJ that has devoted his life to music and I urge you to read my reviews.

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DJ Eric ILL is not looking to re-invent the wheel, but to keep it spinning. He has received praise from Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl as he played for the wrap party for Grohl’s Sound City film in Los Angeles. He was based out of Hollywood, where he was a DJ nomad going from genre to genre, club to club without losing a piece of himself, and at the same time giving himself to the “City of Night”.

As far as live gigs he has played for five and for five thousand in the same week including private events for Mark Wahlberg, Gwen Stefani, Slash, Bjork, George Lopez, Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine), Kat Von D and James Brown to name a few. He pours his spirit and soul into any musical choice he makes. It is his job to keep people out of their seats and up on their feet. He is there when the music meets the moment, and therefore music makes the moment.

When Eric dives into his deep music pool he is guaranteed to make sure the dance floor doesn't go to waste. To him music is a form of emotional technology. Let him take you higher; or at least your party! Why? Because  DJ Eric ILL cares and feels the room. He will not beat you down with volume. He will play all the songs that make everyone let out that joyous ‘I can’t believe he’s playing my song” throughout the night.

"I’d like to thank DJ Eric ILL for this video mashup of Whole Lotta Love and Sex Machine...much respect" - Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin).

DJ Eric ILL is a Boston based event DJ and music producer. He got his start as a Los Angeles based club DJ that would go from spinning for Gwen Stefani’s record release party at The Rainbow Bar and Grill one night to a downtown afterhours club the next night. Whatever the situation, he takes the room and lifts it up higher than it was before he started.

If you loan DJ Eric ILL something he returns it better than he found it. He cares for it like it's his own child. That is the way he treats his original music and remixes of Marilyn Manson, 8mm, and a host of others. He realizes that songs are like someone’s baby and he cares for them relentlessly.

His 8mm (Producer Sean Beavan from Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, and Marilyn Manson) "Stunning" remix was featured on the CBS series "Shark" starring James Woods. Though every remix, event, or project may be different they all share one thing to DJ Eric ILL: his goal is to make a musical impact above and below the waist.

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